GCSE & A Level Revision and Mentoring

Most of the Ruyang staff come from an academic background, and many are qualified teachers in various subjects, and so we are able to provide excellent advice and help throughout a child’s school life.

We also run revision courses in the Spring, to help prepare students for their exams in the summer, and can organise catch-up classes for those students who feel they could be doing better.

Degree-level Advice

While it is unlikely that anyone on our staff will have recent experience of your exact dissertation topic, it is very likely that a member of our team will have expertise in a related area, and will be able to offer useful advice about the progress of your work. You will then be able to take these thoughts to your tutor and agree how to proceed. In this way, we can provide valuable focus, perhaps including tutorials in useful skills, such as how to perform statistical analysis on your data, or how to create appropriate visualisation graphics.