Formatting, Clarity, Grammar and Spelling

The RUYANG Student Support Service offers professional dissertation and thesis proofreading for undergraduate, Masters and PhD students across all academic areas.

Undergraduate Dissertations and Theses

Students who are writing an undergraduate dissertation or thesis are face many challenges. Proofreading and editing can be especially tedious, but a student risks failure if university guidelines are not followed or the dissertation contains grammar, spelling and punctuation errors. Take advantage of our undergraduate dissertation proofreading and editing services, and let our professional proofreaders help you polish your writing before you submit it for grading.

Master’s Dissertations and Theses

Writing a Master’s dissertation or thesis requires a considerable amount of time, hard work and tuition, yet even a dissertation packed with excellent research can fail to earn the desired degree if a student does not follow university instructions for editorial style or if the dissertation contains too many grammar, spelling and punctuation errors. To avoid these problems and their consequences, contact us to discuss how our professional proofreaders can help.

PhD and Doctoral Theses and Dissertations

Years of research, writing and tuition are invested in the PhD thesis or dissertation required to earn a doctoral degree, yet a student can still risk failure if university guidelines are not followed or the standard of English is lacking. Our professional academic and scientific proof-reading team can help you eliminate this risk by checking your writing and formatting, explaining how errors can be corrected and offering suggestions for further improvement that you can then discuss with your tutor.
Our PhD thesis editing and proofreading services will give you more confidence in the work you submit.

It is always wise to have your dissertation or thesis professionally proofed before submitting it for assessment, as this approach will increase both your confidence and your chances of success. Ruyang (or our Leicester Language Academy) can help you to resolve presentation and language problems, so that you can achieve the degree in which you have already invested so much time and money.
A dissertation or thesis is a requirement for most degree programmes, and is usually the longest piece of formal academic or scientific writing that a student has yet attempted. It usually involves constructing an argument that is more sophisticated than those required for course papers. In addition, the candidate may conduct some primary research that requires rigorous analysis.

A thesis must achieve a high standard in terms of language, editorial style and formatting, and careful attention must be paid to grammar, punctuation and spelling to ensure that information and ideas are communicated clearly and precisely. This can be a significant challenge, particularly to international students, and can be a distraction from the efforts required by the academic content of the work itself. For these reasons, the quality of the final paper can increase significantly if this burden is removed from the student by a reliable proofreader

We will always be happy to discuss any help you may need while working on your thesis.