Accommodation Arrangements

RUYANG helps with accommodation arrangements no matter where you are studying, at University, high school, language school or vocational school. This is of particular importance for students studying at Language centres as it is important for the student to feel their new home is a Home-Away-From-Home. RUYANG’s Educational Guardian Service Department inspects all Host Families before any student moves in, to assure that your child/student will be in the safest environment. If necessary, we will arrange an approved RUYANG Host Family which has been checked according to all rules and guidelines set out by AEGIS.

Booking And Cancellation Of Hotel Accommodation

Any requests for hotel reservations or other accommodation should be made in writing (or by email), as early as possible and no later than 24 hours before the proposed time of arrival. The later a request is received, the less choice there will be, and it will not be possible to guarantee a reservation in any particular hotel.

The cancellation of any hotel reservation will be subject to each hotel’s policy. In general, hotels require 72 hours’ notice of cancellation. Otherwise, a cancellation charge will apply. All cancellations must be received by us in writing.