Many parents from overseas choose to have their children educated at a boarding school in the United Kingdom. But this is not the whole story, because children also need an accessible home base in the UK when not in school. Equally, schools need a reliable point of contact in the UK. For these reasons, most British independent schools insist that children from overseas have an approved guardian in this country, who will perform the duties of the parents and act in the best interests of the child.

What is an Educational Guardian?

While parents are free to choose who will be their child’s guardian, schools will usually insist that this important role is performed by a member of AEGIS (the Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students). Ruyang is a fully-approved member of this organisation.

The international student should enjoy the same freedom as the home student – that is, to be able to have a break from the school during ‘exeat’ weekends, and be appropriately accommodated during half-term breaks, Easter and Christmas. All Ruyang students are placed with excellent, carefully-chosen Host Families, who will welcome them into their home. A student’s educational experience is then enhanced socially, culturally and linguistically by the opportunity to spend time with a welcoming family in a secure and friendly environment.

What Will Ruyang Do For You?

We will take care of your child’s welfare and monitor their personal and academic progress while they are in the United Kingdom. This will include managing their safe travel to and from the School, host families and airports, and many other aspects of their lives, just as you would.

RUYANG offers a comprehensive Guardian Service for the unique needs of each child. The services offered cover all the main areas that concern parents regarding a child’s overall well-being. The main aspects are:

  • Ensuring the welfare of their child.
  • Supervising the child’s academic progress.
  • Making any necessary legal and financial arrangements that arise while the child is at school in the UK.
  • Finding a suitable Host Family.
  • Organising medical care.

Performing these duties to the standard you expect requires dedication, experience and skill. Ruyang has maintained the highest standards of care for over 15 years, and shared in the success of hundreds of young people.

Why Choose Ruyang?​

The answer is very simple: we offer you the peace of mind, which comes with the knowledge that the best possible arrangements are in place for your child. Once you have chosen a Guardian Service package suitable to your child’s requirements, you can then relax and leave everything to us.