The security of your child is always our first priority, but we also know that true success is only possible if the student is free from worry – that’s why we make sure we pay close attention to every part of your child’s life at school, making sure that the student is able to concentrate fully on their studies.

But we go much further than that. Many of our staff come from a teaching background, so we are able to help with any concerns that may arise with a student’s academic progress. Whether it’s a particular piece of work, or simply that the child doesn’t like a particular subject, we are there to help – with reassurance, by speaking to the teacher, or by arranging extra lessons if required.  


All Ruyang staff are trained in Child Safeguarding, and our Safeguarding Officer makes sure that all the children in our care are kept safe at all times. We pay particular attention to:

  • Making sure that any concerns are addressed quickly, by speaking to the child regularly.
  • Raising any issues that are mentioned in school reports
  • Monitoring all journeys by taxi or train, so that safe arrival is confirmed immediately.
  • Meeting new students at the airport as soon as they land, so that we can establish a friendly, reassuring relationship as soon as possible.


Success as a student needs hard work, but school can also be some of the best years of your life. The British view of education is that personal growth is just as important as exam results, and we do everything we can to ensure that every child in our care can benefit from a wide range of experiences as they develop towards adulthood.

Over the years, we have arranged regular trips for groups of young people to various European countries as well as within the UK, which help to widen their experience and provide a healthy break from school life. The range of activities will be different every year, but the value of becoming part of the ‘Ruyang family’ never changes.


We are in a great position to support the educational needs of the students, while always ensuring that they benefit from everything that their school has to offer. Ruyang staff are qualified in many academic subjects, and will always help with advice, extra lessons or other support if needed. 

As educators, we also know how important it is to help each student find their own excellence in the subjects that suit them best, and that helping students and their parents to make appropriate, practical choices can unlock true success for any young person.