Does RUYANG International Guardian Service and Educational Consultancy help with the University Selection?

Higher and Further Education offers students a multitude of options. Whilst the many access courses and qualifications provide optimum flexibility, finding the right institution and course to suit your needs can be very difficult.

“From all of us at RUYANG International Guardian Service and Educational Consultancy Ltd. we feel confident that we can help you find your way through the maze of options and see you on your way to a successful career!”

We offer a comprehensive and highly individualized service, which involves a detailed analysis of each student’s particular requirements and on-going support. All courses recommended by our qualified Educational Consultancy Department are subject to the same high level of quality assurance and are validated by Government recognized institutions.

What Does The Educational Department Of RUYANG Offer In University Placement?

All departments of RUYANG are always in constant communication and close links with many Universities and can advise you of the progress of your application.

Our services include:


  • Evaluating subject qualifications achieved overseas in the students home country and English language proficiency. Our local office will help you with this.
  • Providing academic assessment and student profiling to establish entry level and options available.
  • Direct contact with the admissions registrars to assist the application process.
  • On-going support to the point of enrollment.
  • Checking acceptable qualifications, relevant credits


  • Choosing a suitable academic course and level of entry.
  • Selecting the most appropriate university in respect of their specialisation, strengths, weaknesses, and location.
  • Helping in selecting subjects, career related courses.
  • Arranging holiday courses, sports camps and language tuition.

Academic Guidance

  • Helping you understand the UK education system.
  • Helping you meet entry requirements.
  • Career guidance


  • Advice and support on arrival and during studies.
  • Giving advice on options available at University and Further Education levels.
  • Support with interview arrangements and schedules.
  • Assistance in applications and personal statements.
  • Providing on-going advice on how to handle offers and rejections.