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Many parents from overseas choose to have their children educated at a boarding school in the United Kingdom. Whilst it may meet the child’s educational and social needs during term-time, children also need an accessible home base outside school. Equally, schools need a reliable point of contact in the UK and for this reason most British independent schools insist that children from overseas should have a legal guardian in this country who accepts responsibility for the student.

RUYANG offers a comprehensive Guardian Service (other companies refer to a guardianship) tailored to the specific needs of each child. The services offered cover all the main areas that concern parents regarding a child’s overall well being:

  • The welfare of their child.
  • Their child’s academic progress.
  • The necessary financial arrangements for their child’s education in the UK.

Finding a suitable Host Family, administering health, financial and legal arrangements for their child and supervising academic progress can all be very difficult and time-consuming. For those parents with no friends or relatives within the UK who would be able to take on such responsibilities, RUYANG is the perfect solution.

There will be many questions and concerns that you and your child may have. Below is a list of the most commonly asked questions. Answers to these and many more can be found within our FAQ section.

  1. Who will the guardian be?
  2. What sort of house does the Host Family have?
  3. Will my child have a room of his/her own?
  4. Who will collect my child from the airport?
  5. How can I organise pocket money for my child?What clothes and other items should my child bring?
  6. What happens if he/she becomes ill?
  7. Who can we contact if there is an emergency?
  8. Who will assist my child when they arrive at school?

On these and many other points, RUYANG is able to give parents advice and help both in the UK and before arriving here.

Regular Student, School And Parent Contact
Unconditional 24-Hour Support
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Academic Mentoring and development
Nurturing Host Families
Guardian Regulated Service

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