Education Guardian Services

Education Guardian Services


Students arriving at schoolWhen parents make the important decision to invest in an overseas education for their child, they are offering them a unique opportunity and a life changing experience. Therefore, it is vital that the whole experience is as positive and trouble free as possible. It is important that the academic aims of the student are not impeded by day-to-day worries and problems. As well as school advice and placement, RUYANG International Guardian Service & Educational Consultancy Ltd has a guardianship service offered by a select team of experienced and caring individuals.

RUYANG International Guardian Service was formed to supplement the educational and pastoral care offered to our students by their British schools and to provide them with the highest possible level of individual support, both in school terms and during holiday periods spent within the United Kingdom.

Every student’s time at school in this country should be purposeful and trouble-free. To ensure that each student receives the best support from teachers, and the opportunities that each school offers, we maintain a close communication with the student’s tutors, headmaster or headmistress.

Bedford School studentsFrom the pastoral point of view, we keep regular contact with those who know the student best and obtain weekly reports from the house parent and the tutor. A Guardian Area Co-ordinator from RUYANG’S Educational Guardian Service Department, or the Host Family, will attend parent/teacher meetings as a priority; often students will be supported also when they are involved in sport, drama or music at their school or elsewhere. The Educational Guardian Service Department will send half-term reports to the parents independently from the school as a means of following the student’s well being and academic progression.

All staff employed by the RUYANG International Guardian Service Department is dedicated to the welfare and happiness of every student. This is also evident in RUYANG Host Families, who develop a personal interest in his or her student and ensures regular communication at all times. Above all we offer 24-hour emergency contact. As a parent you are able to call your Host Family, Area Educational Guardian Co-ordinator or the main office and speak directly to Ms Yang, at any time.

RUYANG Guardian Service Host Family

Students having fun
As the needs of our students differ enormously depending on their age, background and family values, we endeavour to make the ideal match between student and Host Family. To ensure that your child is safe and happy, and is able to benefit from the cultural enrichment and experience of being with a good family, we endeavor to ensure that all RUYANG Host Families are carefully selected for the quality of their home, their experience, and their high level of suitability to look after your child. Also, RUYANG Host Families must be willing to support the RUYANG International Guardian Service & Educational Consultancy Ltd. ethos, which is the fundamental element of the care we provide.

At RUYANG’s Educational Guardian Service Department we have 5 categories of Guardian Service for students, offering varying degrees of involvement, so that parents and students themselves can select the category that best suits their requirements. Depending on the category of Guardian Service chosen by the parents, RUYANG’S Educational Guardian Service Department will undertake all or some of the following responsibilities:

The role of the guardian:Host Family home

  • To act on behalf of the parents, attending meetings with staff and reporting all comments and feedback to the parents.
  • Acting on behalf of you, the parents, to make decisions regarding emergency medical treatment if required.
  • Providing your child with both pastoral and educational support.
  • To generally take an active part in the student’s school life and help student’s adapt to life within the UK.
  • To Monitor the educational progress and liaising with parents over end of term school reports and to assist with the correct selection of GCSE and A-Level subject choices.
  • Monitoring and communicating your child’s educational and social development.
  • To give help and advice over examination choices and university selection, including assistance with the completion of application forms.
  • To attend all school events and parent meetings on behalf of parents.
  • To keep regular contact with the student during term time and assist with any problems that may arise.
  • To monitor out-of-school activities.
  • To organise suitable accommodation with Host Families for exeat, half-term breaks, or longer periods (e.g. holidays).
  • To arrange flight reservations and tickets when necessary. To arrange collection and/or transport from school, Host Family or airport at the beginning and end of all holiday periods.
  • To be available to both students and parents 24 hours a day in case of emergency.
  • To make payment of term expenses to the Host Family on behalf of the parent.
  • To provide a term statement of the parent’s account and regular newsletter.

Before your child arrives in Britain, we will:

  • Send a comprehensive RUYANG Information booklet on life in Britain and the British boarding school.
  • Discuss with you details of the RUYANG Guardian Service and Host Family.
  • Assist with financial transactions and personal insurance.
  • Make travel arrangements with you.

On your child’s arrival in Britain, we will:

  • Welcome your child at the airport.
  • Accompany your child to school and help with all aspects of settling in, including pocket money and school uniform.

While your child is at school, we will:

  • Advise on all aspects of the school curriculum.
  • Supervise progress and attend parent-teacher meetings, reporting back to you.
  • Attend other school functions.
  • Arrange visits to doctors and/or dentists when necessary.
  • Provide advice and information on further education and careers.
  • Manage your child’s pocket money and personal account on request.
  • Give practical assistance with applying for a UK VISA extension.

During weekend, half-term and school holidays, we will:

  • Place your child with a Host Family who will welcome him or her into their home.
  • Organise transport between the school, Host Family and airport when required.
  • Arrange extra courses in Britain or abroad upon request.

Summary Of Guardian Packages Offered By RUYANG

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