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Additional Free Services Offered By RUYANG

Students Internet Cafe

Free Counselling

RUYANG’S Educational Consultancy Department counsellors have accumulated access to more than 20 years experience in counselling environments with international students and preparing them to study in the United Kingdom. During this time we have successfully placed students in almost every University in the United Kingdom and in recent years many of the top high schools and language schools within the Private Education Sector. Counselling is comprehensive and covers all aspect of the British education system. Whether you are looking for additional information about a specific institution or are starting with little information you will receive a first class service which will place you in the most suitable institution to ensure a happy and successful time in the United Kingdom.

Office Facilities

RUYANG International Guardian Service & Educational Consultancy Ltd. have excellent office facilities which students have full access to. These include comprehensive United Kingdom education library facilities, computer facilities for use with study plans and resumes, free IELTS lending library and IELTS consultations, free library facilities for business, TESOL and education masters students so that you can start to prepare before you go.

Free Applications

RUYANG International Guardian Service & Educational Consultancy Ltd. provide a fully comprehensive free applications service which includes help with study plans, advice on references, portfolios and help filling in application forms and a final check to make sure all your documents are correct before your mailing. This ensures that the School you are applying to are able to make a decision as quickly as possible.

Host Family student bedroomHelp with Scholarship Applications

At RUYANG International Guardian Service & Educational Consultancy Ltd. we are proud of our record for helping International students win scholarships to study in the United Kingdom. A scholarship application is not the same as putting in an application for a place on a course. There are different procedures; different deadlines and the Schools are looking for different qualities. RUYANG’S Educational Consultancy Department give full assistance to their students when applying for scholarships to make sure that they have the best possible chance of achieving their goal.

Accommodation Arrangements

RUYANG International Guardian Service & Educational Consultancy Ltd. help with accommodation arrangements no matter where you are studying, at University, high school, language school or vocational school. This is of particular importance for students studying at Language centres as it is important for the student to feel their new home is a Home-Away-From-Home. RUYANG’s Educational Guardian Service Department inspect all Host Families appointed by educational institutions before any student moves in to assure that your child/student will be in the safest environment. If necessary RUYANG’s Educational Guardian Service Department will allocate and arrange an approved RUYANG Host Family who has been checked according to all rules and guidelines set out by AGEIS.

Comprehensive Backup Service

RUYANG International Guardian Service & Educational Consultancy Ltd. have always believed that our service should not automatically finish the moment our students depart for their chosen school within UK. We believe that we should offer any help we can to help students to overcome any difficulties that may arise during their studies. Therefore we have always be available to help for any problems, even a little bit of homesickness or culture shock. You can Contact Us by phone fax or email and we will help. To improve this service for emergency cases we have two 24 hour Phone Numbers for both students and parents to assist with any situation.

Edinburgh Castle in Scotland

Passport & VISA Services

RUYANG International Guardian Service & Educational Consultancy Ltd. help you to prepare your VISA application. We are very experienced at this and have never yet had a VISA refused for an International student. For students who wish us to actually go to the VISA office for you and get the VISA, there is a small fee to cover our expenses. In addition to the VISA services RUYANG International Guardian Service & Educational Consultancy Ltd. can help you renew expired passports or assist you in obtaining a passport if you don’t already have one.

Travel Services

RUYANG International Guardian Service & Educational Consultancy Ltd. believe that part of the educational experience of your study abroad is the opportunity to travel and see other cultures and ways of life. We therefore are able to give counselling and help with travel arrangements for students wanting to enjoy the unique culture of the United Kingdom and offer a complete travel package during half-term breaks. For those with an adequate budget we also offer the same services for students wishing to travel further and visit the diverse cultures of our European neighbours that are within easy travelling distance of the United Kingdom. All our travel tours are fully escorted by our staff as to assure parents the safety of there children is our foremost concern at all times.

Stone Henge

Fax Back Services

RUYANG International Guardian Service & Educational Consultancy Ltd. have developed a unique “fax back” service for students studying at language schools. All students are given a survey form to fill in to indicate how they were treated upon arrival in the United Kingdom. Under the survey there is room to write a message in your native Language to your parents so that they know you are safe. As soon as you get to the language school you give the form to the designate person and he or she will fax it straight through to our RUYANG International Guardian Service & Educational Consultancy Ltd. office. We will then either fax the message on to your parents or – if they don’t have a fax number – we will call them to let them know that you have arrived safely.

Pre-Departure briefings And The RUYANG Departure Pack

To ensure that you have the best possible chance to settle when you arrive in the United Kingdom we have developed a comprehensive series of pre-departure briefings that are given. Staff that have studied in the United Kingdom gives the briefing’s, and therefore have the experience to answer your questions in detail. They are given on a one-to-one basis to give you the chance to ask questions about your personal situation. After the briefing you are given the “RUYANG Departure Pack“. The pack consists of a free United Kingdom MAP, information of things to do near your school, a stamped postcard so that you can send a message back to your parents as soon as you arrive without looking for a post office, filled in arrivals card for entry into the United Kingdom and £10.00 International telephone card for making international calls from the United Kingdom so that you can call home as soon as you arrive to inform your parents that you are safe and well.

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