Why Apply For School Placement Through RUYANG?

Why Apply For School Placement Through RUYANG?


In order to answer this question you first need to ask yourself the following three questions:

  1. What do I stand to gain from applying by myself?School campus
  2. What do I stand to gain by applying through RUYANG’S Educational Consultancy Department?
  3. Is it convenient for me to use RUYANG’S Educational Consultancy Department?

We believe you will probably come up with the following answers:

  1. Apart from the satisfaction of having worked independently, you don’t stand to gain anything from applying by yourself. In fact it may end up more expensive applying independently as you may have additional costs such as fax, telephone and email while contacting the High schools, which are provided free by RUYANG International Guardian Service & Educational Consultancy Ltd.
  2. There are many benefits from using RUYANG’S Educational Consultancy Department.
    Here are some of them:

    • It is Totally 100% free. It costs you no money to apply through RUYANG’S Educational Consultancy Department. You do not need to pay us any money, and the fees you pay for your school Application are not higher than if you applied yourself. There are no hidden costs and as you can see above, it may even be cheaper than applying yourself.
    • RUYANG’S Educational Consultancy Department checks your completed application to make sure that there are no mistakes and it is complete so that it is not held up at the school’s processing centre.
    • RUYANG’S Educational Consultancy Department advise all students upon their study plan and check the English to make sure that it is accurate. A student’s study plan is the only part of the application you can improve so you should take the best possible advice on this. Study Plan services are 100% free at RUYANG’S Educational Consultancy Department.
    • All our staff are experienced educators and academic professionals, who are able to give accurate advice on a student’s English language level and how to improve it. RUYANG’S Educational Consultancy Department offices have IELTS libraries so that students can borrow IELTS materials free of charge.
    • RUYANG’S Educational Consultancy Department have direct links with British private boarding schools. This is of benefit to you as we are able to follow up quickly on applications and let you know if any additional information is required.
    • RUYANG’S Educational Consultancy Department has arranged scholarships in the past and give their students expert assistance in applying for institutional scholarships. Every year, many RUYANG students are successful with their scholarship applications.
    • Students enjoy Christmas partyOnce you have decided which School you wish to apply to, RUYANG’S Educational Consultancy in the UK will continue to help with the other administrative necessities. This includes accommodation (it is important to get into the right accommodation if you are an overseas student), VISA apprications and flights, meet and greet, insurance and advice on the United Kingdom health care.
    • A backup service is available for the full duration of your study and stay in the United Kingdom including a full time RUYANG International Guardian Service & Educational Consultancy office near Leicester located centrally in the United Kingdom. This office can help with your day-to-day life as a student. We are available if you have a problem or just for a friendly chat 8.00am till 9.00pm daily. We Also have a 24hr, seven-days-a-week phone Number for emergencies, so we will always be there for you in your time of need while you are in the United Kingdom. Our office in Taiwan can remain the contact point for parents in your first language, so you can be assured, as a parent or a student, that with RUYANG on your side, you’re in good and safe hands all the time.
    • Full pre-departure briefings in small groups to prepare you for your studies in the United Kingdom.
      The directors or an Educational Guardian Service Area Co-ordinator shall meet and greet the student at the Airport in the United Kingdom and arrange and accompany the student to their first day of school.
    • Introduction to other students who are going to study in the same School as you so that you can begin to build friendships and can arrange to travel together during Half term.
      The benefit of our vast experience of the United Kingdom education and the problems faced by International students while they are studying away from home in a foreign country. We help to avoid or overcome your specific difficulties.
    • The RUYANG “Study In The United Kingdom” departure pack which includes an ID card, stamped postcard for mailing home as soon as you get to the UK, pre-departure information booklet, United Kingdom MAP, things to do in and around your school and a £10.00 international telephone card so that you the student can phone home to your parents upon arrival in The United Kingdom.
    • Our friendship. RUYInternational Univesity StudentsANG has built an unquestionable reputation for being friendly and efficient. You only need to look further on this website or visit our office to see the many testimonials we have from students past and present.
    • RUYANG arranges half-term and holiday breaks for individuals and groups across the United Kingdom and around the rest of Europe.
  3. It is very convenient for you to use the Educational Consultancy department at RUYANG. There are affiliated working Partner offices situated throughout Asia and Europe, which makes us easily accessible. Actually now with our new computerised services you don’t even have to visit a local office or even leave your home once, unless you want to. You can do it all from your computer and fax. This means that for a minimal investment time-wise, you are able to share the many benefits of RUYANG International Guardian Service & Educational Consultancy Ltd.

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