Dictionary Of Independent School Terms

Dictionary Of Independent School Terms

Some of the terms used by Independent Schools in the United Kingdom can be a little tricky; here are a few for you to get started.

Assistant Housemistress/Housemaster
An Assistant who helps take care of the students in her/his particular house usually supports The Housemistress or Housemaster. The Assistant may also assist with academic or extra-curricular activity. She/He is an important friend and mentor to her/his charges, as well as a great practical help to the Housemistress. In some schools, this position is known as Houseparent, Housemother or Housefather.

Boarders, Boarding
Boarders are full time students who live at the school during term-time, including staying overnight. (see also: FLEXI-BOARDING & WEEKLY BOARDING)

A private church for use by the school set in the schools own grounds.

The church minister who looks after the school’s staff and students, who form the congregation in the chapel.

Closed Weekend
A weekend during which no EXEATS or FLOATERS may be taken, usually because a whole-school event is taking place e.g. inter-house sports competition.

Day Pupils
Day students are students who live locally who attend the school for lessons and extra-curricular activities, but who do not board.

Dormitories are for full time students who Board at the school they are “Bedrooms”, usually shared by several students – though older students may have single STUDY-BEDROOMS.

Exeat (see also Fixed Exeat)
An Exeat is a weekend on which all students go home – a pupil can also visit home on a FLOATER, which can be virtually any weekend of term.

Fixed Exeat
A weekend during which all students must leave the school and go home in the case of the International student they will go to their Guardians or appointed “Host Family”.

Flexi-Boarding is a combination of boarding and day, so that the pupil/ Students boards for part of the week and is a day student for the rest of the week. Some families find that this suits them best, and it can be a useful way for a day student to decide whether or not she or he wants to become a boarder.

A Floater is the same as Exeat weekends, which you choose, as opposed to a FIXED EXEAT on which everyone goes away.

Full Boarding
Full Boarding is to differentiate from FLEXI-BOARDING or WEEKLY BOARDING, an Arrangement whereby students board throughout the term.

Housemistress / Housemaster
A Housemistress or Housemaster is assigned to run each House and provides for the day-to-day care of their students, away from lessons. Typically, the housemistress or Housemaster will be the first point of contact for parents or guardians in relation to all matters concerning their child, and also an important friend and mentor for the child throughout his or her school life. The Housemistress/ Housemaster may also teach an academic subject and be assisted by an ASSISTANT HOUSEMISTRESS or HOUSEMASTER to provide round-the-clock cover.

Independent Schools
Independent Schools are self-governing Schools and are funded independently of the state. (also known as PRIVATE OR PUBLIC SCHOOLS)

Mufti Or Casuals
Mufti or Casuals is a term used for wearing your own choice or style of clothes, as opposed to the School Uniform

Pastoral Care
Pastoral Care is a term used for someone whom is responsible for looking after your personal needs, rather than your education – making sure you are happy, comfortable, well-fed, have clean laundry, etc.

Prep is a term used to describe supervised supervision of ones after hours study time. Another word for homework

Private Schools, Public Schools
Private and Public Schools are words also used in the United kingdom to describe Independent Schools whom are self-governing and are not funded by the government or state (see INDEPENDENT SCHOOLS)

San, Sanatorium
The school’s medical centre, staffed by a resident qualified nurse who looks after all the students minor healthcare needs. Typically supported by the local GP and other healthcare services as required.

San Sister or Matron
San Sister or Matron is the name given to the nurse who works in the SAN or SANATORIUM

Study Bedroom
Study Bedrooms are for older students/ students, whom have a room to themselves instead of sleeping in a DORMITORY to allow them more privacy and independence.

Tuck, Tuck Box, Tuck Shop
These terms are used for Snacks and sweets, either brought from home or bought from the school TUCK SHOP and kept safely in each pupil’s TUCK BOX

A Tutor is assigned to each pupil to assist him or her about there progress in all academic subjects and in other aspects of school life.

Tutor Group
A Tutor Group is the name given to students who share the same tutor. They usually meet at least once a day for registration, general discussion and administration.

Weekly Boarding
Weekly Boarding is an arrangement whereby students may board during the week and go home every weekend. (see also FLEXI-BOARDING)

A religious service held in the evenings.

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