Extra English, Tutoring And Summer School

Extra English, Tutoring And Summer School

Find an English language course

At RUYANG International Guardian Service & Educational Consultantcy Ltd. we have information on English language courses throughout the United Kingdom. Tell us what kind of course you are interested in undertaking, the duration of study and where you would like to study and we will arrange for you to receive details of courses likely to be suitable. We cover all levels. This service is free of charge.

Study English In The United Kingdom

Students in the United Kingdom

There are several destinations to travel to for overseas students wanting to improve their English in a native speaking environment. The main ones would probably be the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. In all these destinations there are undoubtedly first class schools and accommodation for the students. So what makes the UK so popular and such a good choice for International Students? And why do over 600,000 students from around the world choose to study English in the UK every year?

  • The United Kingdom provides a quality control scheme, which accredits schools, which have chosen to be inspected. There are two quality control bodies, ARELS (for the private sector) and BASELT? (For the state sector) language schools. As long as you choose an accredited school you are guaranteed certain quality standards before you leave your home country. All RUYANG International Guardian Service & Education Consultancy Ltd. schools are accredited.
  • Because of its proximity to Europe the United Kingdom attracts hundreds of thousands of European students every year. This means that International students will not be placed in classes of predominantly Asian students as they might be in some other countries with less European students. (NB. Some UK schools may have a high proportion of Asian students, however RUYANG’S Educational Consultancy Department specializes in tailoring language courses to suit the exact requirements of our students. Therefore, we will if requested, find a school with students from your country or if you prefer we can find a school with no students from your country. The choice is yours).
  • State of the art teaching methods and materials.
  • A friendly welcome from the locals.
  • As the United Kingdom is a relatively small country it is easy to travel around for sightseeing. From London to Edinburgh is only 5 hours by train.
  • Rich and diverse culture. Most International students like to visit cultural sights when they are abroad. The United Kingdom has thousands of years of history all within easy travelling distance as well as a choice of art galleries and museums second to none.
  • British youth culture has been a world leader since the sixties and many of the most famous pop bands in the world are from the United Kingdom. During the summer students have the opportunity to visit such famous music festivals as Glastonbury and Reading as well as the many concerts put on year round.
  • In addition to popular music the United Kingdom has a huge variety of classical concerts and in London a selection of musicals that is matched only by the Broadway in New York.
  • Proximity to Europe. In addition to its own rich culture the United Kingdom offers cheap, easy access to the European continent with its many different cultures and its thousands of years of history unparalleled on any other continent.
  • The United Kingdom is considered a safe and stable country in which to study.

You have a choice of places to study including large cities, seaside resorts, historic towns or rural settings.

Quality Assurance for English Language Study

British education is subjected to high quality assurance controls in all areas, including English language study. There are several quality control schemes, the most widely used of which is the “English in Britain Accreditation Scheme” run by the British Council in partnership with ARELS (Association of Recognised English Language Services) and BASELT (British Association of State English Language Teaching). Under this scheme centres are inspected regularly and all aspects of services provided must meet rigorous standards. All language centres used by RUYANG International Guardian Service & Educational Consultancy Ltd. are accredited under the scheme. In addition to this RUYANG’S Educational Consultancy Department have gathered a huge amount of feedback from our International students over the years, whom we have found placements to study English in the United Kingdom. We are able to use this experience to give International students the best possible chance of choosing the most appropriate course for their needs.
Students in the United Kingdom

Types of English Language Schools in the UK

The United Kingdom has been at the very forefront of the research and development of English language study for many years and has pioneered many advances in the theory and practice of teaching English as a second language. These advances have been made in both the mainstream university sector and in the private language school sector, which boasts some of the most prestigious names in English language teaching world such as The Bell and International House.

Extra English

Children from overseas may need extra tuition in English during the first year of academic study and most schools have well-run EFL (English as a Foreign Language) departments to cope with this.

If a child has limited English she or he will be given intensive lessons (up to 15 hours per week) at an extra charge. Where possible she or he will join the English students for lessons where a high level of English is not essential e.g. maths, some sciences, art, sport. As the level of English improves the child will be more fully integrated into the normal school curriculum.

Where a child has a good command of English but needs specialized vocabulary or structures to deal with a particular subject, English lessons will be provided to deal with the specific need. These lessons will be at extra cost or free of charge depending on the number of lessons required.

All charges for extra English tuition will appear on the child’s end of term bill.


International students

We offer an invaluable option to children before the start of their new school. “Welcome To England”, which guides them through English Etiquette, the traditional way of life and the everyday use of English language. These courses run in the weeks leading up to the start of term at their new school.

These courses exist to give intensive English tuition and boarding school orientation for children. Time spent on such a course can be a good investment – your child will grow in confidence, and will know what to expect when he or she arrives at school. Longer courses will also offer tuition in a range of school subjects and a pre-boarding school course is particularly recommended for students whose school year ends in spring and who need to fill their time profitably before September. They are also, of course, strongly advised for children whose English is elementary or of lower intermediate level.

Language School Placement

Our qualified TESOL trainers’ experience in the field of English as a Second Language means RUYANG’S Educational Consultancy Department is able to offer informed and up-to-date advice on the most suitable language schools for all ages.

Junior English and Activities Courses

Team building

RUYANG’S Educational Consultants Department has selected only the best residential and home stay courses to recommend to parents for their children, aged 7-18, during the summer, Easter and Christmas holidays. Schools will offer a very full programme that balances English tuition with sports, activities and excursions. If you are seeking an activities only holiday we can also recommend suitable camps Package holiday programs around the country and near by Europe.

English Courses for Adults

There is a wide choice of year-round language schools offering English tuition to adults. We have selected several highly professional schools that offer a variety of courses for young people (16-20) and adults. Whether you want general English or English specific purposes (such as medicine, law, or tourism) we can provide you with details of reputable schools, which offer excellent tuition and arrange the accommodation that you require.

Home stay Tuition for Adults and Children

RUYANG International Guardian service & Educational Consultancy Ltd. has a range of excellent families, where several of the parents are qualified and experienced teachers of English, and offer tuition in the home. In addition to the daily intensive one-to-one lessons the student will have ample opportunities to practise the English language in home situations or on outings in the local area. All “RUYANG Host Families” homes are all comfortable and welcoming, offering a high standard of accommodation, and are set in or near towns and cities of beauty and interest.

English Lessons

Christmas party

RUYANG International Guardian Service & Educational Consultants Ltd. also runs English Language courses all year round at its Study Centre in Leicester Students can take part in lessons aimed at improving vocabulary, grammar and comprehension. Teaching is generally on an individual basis or (when possible) in small groups. Mathematics and science tutoring is also available if required. Certificates are awarded to each student who successfully completes the course – a valuable record of achievement reflecting the student’s progress.


A rich cultural and sporting programme to suit everyone! Outside the daily tuition students have an opportunity to choose additional activities from any of the following:


  • Each week there is one full day and one half-day excursion to a local place of interest.


  • Sightseeing of all major places of interest in London.
  • Trips to Oxford, Cambridge, Windsor, Warwick, Stratford-upon-Avon, Brighton and many other exciting destinations.
  • Educational trips to museums, castles and churches.
  • Walks in the English countryside.
  • Visits to galleries, theatres, cinemas, theme parks, zoos.


  • Football, volley ball, basket ball, rugby.
  • Tennis, table tennis, golf, squash, badminton.
  • Swimming, horse riding, ice-skating.
  • Aerobics, gymnastics, yoga, karate, tai-chi

Other Interests

  • Music: joining a choir, playing instruments.
  • Art: painting, drawing, textiles, sculpture, crafts.
  • Chess & draughts.
  • Darts.
  • Video filmmaking.
  • Treasure hunts.

Evening Entertainment

  • A full, varied and exciting evening entertainment programme runs every evening, designed to ensure students go to bed tired but happy at the end of each day!

Foreign group leaders are vital in assisting us to supervise the groups and ensure students’ welfare. This is particularly welcome on excursions and in the evenings. All leaders are encouraged to participate in activities as much as possible as this helps to motivate the students. Making friends with students from other countries is an important part of the summer school experience.

Private Tutors – Tutoring

Private tutor

A tutor is a private instructor who teaches a specific educational subject or skill to an individual student. Such one-on-one attention allows the tutor to improve the student’s knowledge or skills far more rapidly than in a classroom setting. Tutors are often privately hired and paid by the student or the student’s family. Many are used for remedial students or others needing special attention; many provide more advanced material for exceptionally capable and highly motivated students.

There are many different resources for finding the right tutor for your student. Of course, speaking to your student’s teacher for their suggestions will always be a good start. Asking around any community organizations or churches that you may be involved with may also turn up good results. Naturally, personal recommendations are a valuable way to locate tutors with a proven track record; ask other parents for their suggestions or experiences. RUYANG’s Education Consultancy Department have tutors covering a wide range of subjects, available for group and one-on-one tuition. For further details on how RUYANG can help your child, please Contact Us.

“Tutelage is the process of being under the guidance of a tutor”.

Enrolment In Any Course

To enrol, students must complete our comprehensive application form and enclose any relevant information referring to their educational level in their own country. Subject to the availability of spaces and a student’s initial assessment, a provisional offer of the place will be sent. Once the application together with the registration fee and a deposit is received, a student will be offered a conditional place. Once the offer is accepted by a student and the full fees paid, the Educational Consultancy Department of RUYANG will then send an invitation letter to the successful applicant for VISA purposes and a firm confirmation of the place.

Upon arrival the student will be assessed so that the right tuition programme can be decided to maximise the benefits from studying in The United kingdom. A suitable RUYANG Host Family will be appointed, who will be responsible for the students accommodation and day-to-day pastoral care whist the student studies an educational course in the United Kingdom.

To summarise our enrolment procedure:

  • Enquiry from a student.
  • A complete prospectus sent to a student.
  • An application form completed by the student with a registration fee and a deposit received by the Educational Consultancy Department of RUYANG.
  • A conditional offer of a place sent to student.
  • Acceptance of the offer and payment of full fees bye the student.
  • A firm offer together with an invitation letter sent to a student.
  • Welcoming of a student to the UK.
  • Allocation of a caring, supportive and secure “RUYANG Host Family”.
  • Linguistic assessment of a student.
  • Practical arrangements.
  • Course outline.

A more detailed brochure together with an application form, fees and any other relevant information will be sent upon request.

After Hours And Summer School Tuition

Our after-school and holiday tuition programme for students studying in the United Kingdom is designed to assist with exam preparation, revision or simply with improving students’ grades.

“We endeavour to enable students to discover the real power of learning and achieve their full academic potential”

Unique Programme Features:

  • Professional tuition offered by qualified and experienced tutors with specific areas of expertise.
    Biology class
  • Our tutors have a fantastic track record of students’ achieving high exam grades.
  • Private and state school students catered for.
  • A wide range of subjects offered, incl. English, Maths, German, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Geography, History, Business Studies, ICT and more.
  • All levels (GCSE, AS/A-Level).
  • All ability levels for ages 7 – 25.
  • Small tutorial groups (1 – 5), depending on level and ability.
  • Individualised programme depending on personal needs and expectations.
  • Special sessions on study skills to motivate students, teach them effective study habits crucial for academic success, reduce pre-exam anxiety and optimise performance.
  • Initial assessment followed by monitored progress and good communication between students, parents and tutors.
  • Interactive learning resources.
  • Intensive tuition combined with a stay with caring, educated families.
  • Cultural enrichment and linguistic support.
  • Conversational English and English for Academic Purposes.
  • UK Boarding School preparation for boys and girls.
  • Small classes with a maximum of 7 students per group.
  • A wide range of sporting activities.
  • Guardianship support 24 hours per day.
  • Ongoing assessment and monitoring of progress.
  • Enrolment at any point in a year.

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