English Language Courses & Academic Support

Courses & Academic Support

Our experienced team of consultants and tutors will be ready to assist you throughout your school life, and during your time at University in the UK. We understand that there will be times when the work is at its hardest, and many of our students have been reassured by knowing that help is available when things get tough.

If you are one of our Guardian Students, we will discuss your progress reagularly, but we can also assist with tutorials and advice on a case-by-case basis, as required in all subjects areas. For example, we can help prepare for GCSEs, A Levels and Project submissions, and proofread dissertations before final submission.

logo-MAIN2Because English language tuition is most often required, we offer courses to students of all ages and levels. Demand has always been high for English lessons, and so Ruyang has now strarted a full English language school called the Leicester Language Academy.

The LLA is owned and run by Ruyang, so you can be sure of the same high standards of care. To learn more, just follow the link above, which will take you directly to the Leicester Language Academy website…

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