Before You Enrol In Any School

Before You Enrol In Any School

School groundsYou should be aware that when you enrol in a college, you are entering into a legal contract. Although the college management is likely to be sympathetic to genuine needs, you cannot expect it to refund your fees simply because you have changed your mind or made a mistake about which course you wanted to do – after all, the college has employed somebody to teach you and may have turned away another student because the course was full. However, if you are a VISA student, colleges will normally make a refund if you fail to gain a VISA, although they are entitled legally to retain all or a proportion of what you have paid.

It is therefore important to find out as much as you can about the college. If you are in the UK, try to visit the college and meet the Principal and those who will be teaching you. If you are overseas, almost all colleges have websites and will be very happy to answer your questions by e-mail.

If  Ruyang is handling your application, we will ensure that you have full and accurate details of what the college is offering and what costs will be involved, as part of our Councelling service. Along with a full dicussion of all the options available, and the reasons for any recommendations we can offer, you will certainly know the answers to these questions before you commit yourself:


  • What is the actual amount of fees required, including additional sums for e.g. materials, examination entrance, excursions or VAT?
  • What is the college’s policy on the refund of deposits or balance of fees, including the notice required for withdrawal from a course?
  • When are fees due, and are there surcharges in the case of late payment?

Courses and Qualifications:

  • What is the course title and start and finish dates?
  • What is the number of hours of teaching per week (or during the period of the course) and what are the course components?

Class size:

  • What is the maximum class size?
  • How are classes delivered – in large lectures, seminars or individual tutorials?


  • What help will you get in finding accommodation and how much is it likely to cost?

However, there is a lot more to choosing a school that the points listed above – including consideration of the ‘personality’ of the school, and an assessment of which ones will suit the student best. Ruyang staff have many years of experience in matching students with the right choice of school, so speaking to us is always useful at this stage.

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