Introduction To School Placements

Introduction To School Placements

What Is RUYANG International Guardian Service & Educational Consultancy School Placement?

The Educational Consultancy Department at RUYANG is dedicated to helping families from over 100 different countries and is experienced in advising parents on finding the best schools for their children in the United Kingdom.

Our British staff visit schools regularly and provide full information to our counsellors overseas, who can make a free personal selection of boarding schools (private schools) or colleges in any part of the UK.

  • Boarding schools (prep and senior).
  • Residential sixth-form colleges for GCSEs or A-Levels.
  • International Study Centres offering preparation for boarding schools.
  • Schools with a special emphasis, eg in sport, music, art.
  • Schools with provision for English language support or for special needs, eg. Dyslexia.

Tell us about your child and about the type of school you are looking for. We will then recommend schools or colleges which we think may interest you, and arrange for you to receive further information. If you are new to UK education, you may want more extensive guidance on sending your child to school in the UK. We are happy to help you with every stage of your search for the right school with one to one guidance.

What is English language testing?

If your child’s first language is not English, schools will want to be sure that he or she knows enough to be able to do well. We use a specially created test to assess your child’s English for entry to school at any age from age 13. Your child can complete the test before they arrive in the UK.

How Does RUYANG Educational and Consultancy Department Select A British Boarding School For My Child?

Art classThe strength of the British independent education system lies in its diversity and ability to cater for the needs of the individual student.

All independent schools offer a full curriculum and range of sports and activities but some specialise in certain areas, e.g. music and the arts, or science and technology. Some schools are large, some small, some are single sex, and some co-educational. We will take all these factors into account when considering a school for your child and make sure that his/her needs and requirements are met.

It is important that your child enters the right British school and at the most appropriate level to ensure he/she gains the necessary qualifications for Higher Education either in the UK or elsewhere. We visits schools on a regular basis to establish and maintain contacts with Heads and House staff and to gain a good working knowledge of each school and what it has to offer, including adequate provision for overseas students.

  • Based on the information supplied by parents and reports from your child’s last school, we will recommend up to 6 schools for your child and provide you with details on each one.
  • We will arrange interviews at the selected schools and accompany your child to these interviews.
  • Once places have been offered we will help you and your child choose the most appropriate school.
  • We are able to handle all registration and entry documentation on your behalf.
  • We will liaise with the chosen school to ensure that your child has a sufficient programme of extra English lessons.

What If My Child’s English Is Not Good Enough?

The first key to your child’s success in England is to ensure that he/she has reached a reasonable standard of both written and spoken English in order to cope with life in a British boarding school.

  • For students with limited English language ability, RUYANG’S Educational Consultancy Department is able to recommend schools that can address their specific needs in preparation for mainstream education in the United Kingdom.
  • For older children or children with a good command of the English language, RUYANG’S Educational Consultancy Department may recommend direct entry into a boarding school or college.

In order to advise on the most appropriate course, The Educational Consultancy Department at RUYANG will ask you to provide some important background information. We will need the following details about your child:

  • Level of English.
  • Academic strengths and weaknesses.
  • Interests and hobbies.
  • A copy of your child’s last school report and a character reference (The child need to write about themselves i.e Study, Hobbies, Sports they like, Pets and even where they live).

From this RUYANG’S Educational Consultancy Department will then handle all registration documentation and entry procedures.

After GCSEs, what’s next?

Chemistry classChoosing the right course and subjects is becoming ever more important as competition for university places increases and tuition fees loom. For students who are not sure which A-Level subjects to choose, or who may not want to do A-Levels at all, good advice is essential.

As RUYANG’S Educational Consultancy Department work directly with the Guardian Area Co-ordinator who in turn, communicates weekly with students, school heads, tutors and Housemaster / Housemistresses about the day-to-day concerns and progress of your child’s social and academic performance. This enables the staff from the Educational Consultancy Department at RUYANG to build a close relationship with all parties involved in your child’s educational life through communicating all concerns with the parents and students directly we are able to help you consider all the options and think ahead to choices of A-Levels, College or University life.

Does RUYANG International Guardian Service and Educational Consultancy help with the University Selection?

Higher and Further Education offers students a multitude of options. Whilst the many access courses and qualifications provide optimum flexibility, finding the right institution and course to suit your needs can be very difficult.

“From all of us at RUYANG International Guardian Service and Educational Consultancy Ltd. we feel confident that we can help you find your way through the maze of options and see you on your way to a successful career!”

We offer a comprehensive and highly individualized service, which involves a detailed analysis of each student’s particular requirements and ongoing support. All courses recommended by our qualified Educational Consultancy Department are subject to the same high level of quality assurance and are validated by Government recognized institutions.

How Do I Choose The Right School Or College Placement For My Child?

Making the right choice of school for your child can be one of the most difficult decisions a parent has to make, and living overseas can compound the difficulties. Whilst the “League Tables” of schools can give an indication of academic results for a given year, the tables ignore everything else a school may have to offer. There are many excellent agents throughout the world who may be able to assist you, but here at RUYANG, we believe we can do even better.

We believe there is always a right school for every student, according on his or her academic progress, skills, interests and personality. Careful selection of a suitable school follows from individual assessment and profiling. This is based on our understanding of education within the United Kingdom, supported by regular visits to boarding schools and International Study Centres, personal contacts, and extensive knowledge of English language schools and summer school extra tuition throughout the United Kingdom. Our experienced educational consultants will provide ongoing guidance and support.

There are over 2,000 independent schools and colleges in the UK. Each of them has an individual profile, and addresses certain specific needs. Your local cousellor knows that making the right choice can therefore be difficult and time consuming, and is ready to help. With such long-term experience in the field of education, The Educational Department at RUYANG is able to provide expert advice and guidance for all age groups in:

  • Matching the most appropriate school or college to your needs.
  • Student profiling and assessment.
  • Assistance with applications and enrolment.
  • Support with interview arrangements and schedules.
  • Subject choices.
  • Ongoing support throughout your studies in the UK.

College groundsWhen selecting a school, the following features need to be taken into account:

  • Academic level, curriculum.
  • Facilities, e.g. boarding, sports, drama.
  • Extra curricular activities.
  • Special needs and support.
  • Size, location, staff/pupil ratio.
  • Religion Ethos.

Students applying to colleges should be concerned with:

  • Course suitability.
  • Specialisation.
  • Entry requirements.
  • Accommodation.
  • Crisis support.
  • Culture.

What Does The Educational Department Of RUYANG Offer In School Placement?

All departments of RUYANG are always in constant communication and close links with many Private Sector Boarding Schools, Language Schools, Colleges and Universities and can advise you of the progress of your application.

Our services include:

  • Objective guidance in choosing the right course.
  • Assessment of a student’s eligibility.
  • Checking acceptable qualifications, relevant credits.
  • English language support (intensive courses).
  • Assistance in applications and personal statements.
  • Ongoing support to the point of enrolment.
  • Direct contact with the admissions registrars to assist the application process.
  • Advice and support on arrival and during studies.
  • Finding a suitable course in mainstream education.
  • Profiling and assessment.
  • Assistance with admissions procedures and requirements.
  • Help with the preparation of personal profiles.
  • Support with interview arrangements and schedules.
  • Career guidance.
  • Ongoing support during your child’s studies in the United Kingdom.


  • Evaluating subject qualifications achieved overseas in the students home country and English language proficiency. Our local office will help you with this.
  • Providing academic assessment and student profiling to establish entry level and options available.
  • Arranging school or college entry tests.


  • Choosing a suitable academic course and level of entry.
  • Selecting the most appropriate school, college or university in respect of their specialisation, strengths, weaknesses, location.
  • Helping in selecting subjects, career related courses.
  • Opting for Gap Year programmes.
  • Arranging holiday courses, sports camps and language tuition.

Academic Guidance

  • Helping you understand the UK education system.
  • Helping you meet entry requirements.
  • Explaining to parents how to make the most of visits to schools.
  • Advice and Guidance on making subject choices.


  • Addressing special educational needs.
  • Accessing private tutors.
  • Providing a caring (Link) Guardian service to accommodate the transport social and day to day needs of your Child.
  • Giving advice on options available at University and Further Education levels.
  • Providing ongoing advice on how to handle offers and rejections.

Practical Assistance

  • Helping you change schools if you require.
  • Arranging school/college visits and interviews, registration and enrolment.
  • Ensuring that the best possible arrangements are in place in respect of accommodation, hosting, travel, etc.

To summarise our placement service, we provide:

  • Careful academic and personality assessment.
  • Accurate profiling of every student.
  • A shortlist of suitable English language schools.
  • 6 school choices from profiling your Child.
  • Guaranteed School Placement.
  • Administration and supervision of entrance tests.
  • Arrangement of school visits.
  • Interview itineraries and help with parents’ accommodation and transport.
  • Advice on a suitable choice.
  • Assistance with enrolment.
  • Practical arrangements.
  • Guardian Service.

Advisory & School Placement Services Overview

Class roomIn order to assist parents to make an informed choice of school and help ensure that their children are adequately prepared for academic life in the United Kingdom, RUYANG’S Educational Consultancy Department can offer either an Advisory or a full School Placement Service.

These can include:

  • Recommending of suitable independent schools or colleges including language schools offering pre-boarding courses, EFL and preparation in other areas of the British curriculum such as Maths and Sciences.
  • Advising on GCSE / A-Level subject choices appropriate to Higher Education and careers.
  • Arranging interviews and accompanying parents and children to schools.
  • Handling all registration documentation and entry procedures, including the purchase of school uniform and equipment.

In addition RUYANG’S Educational Consultancy Department is able to recommend:

  • GCSE / A-Level Revision Courses.
  • English Language Courses.
  • Holiday Activity Courses.
  • Language Courses Abroad.
  • Vocational Courses (Secretarial, Catering, Cordon Bleu Cookery).
  • Foundation Courses (Art, Fashion & Design).

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