Education Consultancy

Mission Statement


RUYANG International Guardian Service & Education Consultancy Ltd. is committed to providing students from China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Russia and Europe with a world-class service to help them prepare for study in the United Kingdom.

RUYANG’s Educational Consultancy Department is dedicated to helping all international students achieve their educational objectives and to advancing their careers upon their return to their home countries.

RUYANG’s Educational Consultancy Department will always make your stay in the UK as comfortable and hassle-free as possible. By assisting you to made sensible, appropriate plans right from the start, we endeavour to help you create a happy, productive, home-away-from-Home environment. RUYANG International Guardian Service & Education Consultancy firmly believe that students are happier, more settled and more successful when they are studying at the most appropriate institution for them and have been fully counselled throughout the applications procedure and given on going pastoral care and counselling during there academic life.

chrismas-dinner-1All staff employed by RUYANG look forward to building friendships while you are a student studying in the United Kingdom, and upon your return to your home country.

At RUYANG International Guardian Service & Education Consultancy, counselling is impartial and comprehensive, covering all aspects of the application and, once the student has accepted an offer, accommodation, food, weather and the idiosyncrasies of student life in the UK from the perspective of a student.

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