We are currently recruiting for staff who are able to teach English as a Foreign Language overseas at all levels.

In partnership with an English-speaking school in China, we are able to offer short or long-term teaching positions, with a particularly attractive salary, free accommodation, and full support both here and on-site.
This is a rare and particularly attractive opportunity to enchance your skills, experience and CV, while working in a modern school with extremely high professional standards.

For further information, please contact Claire on +44(0)116 254 6198 or



English Teacher for Young Learners, Home-room Teacher, IB English Teacher

Primary School (Grade1-6)
ESL Teacher, Home-room Teacher, Dance Teacher, P.E. Teacher, Art Teacher, Science Teacher, IB Teacher, IB Subject Teacher

Middle School (Grade7-9)
Oral English Teacher, Music Teacher, P.E. Teacher, Art Teacher, Science Teacher, IB Subject Teacher

High School (Grade10-12)
Language Courses: Oral English, General English, Pre AP English, TOEFL Prep, IELTS Prep, SAT Prep, College & Academic Writing.
Subject, IB Subjects and AP (Honor)/A-Level Courses: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, World History, European History, Business, Accounting, Environmental Science, Psychology, Computer Science, Human Geography, Art History.

We are looking for teachers who are enthusiastic about teaching and obtaining solid professional knowledge, who can develop a strong rapport with the students and are team players.


  1. Minimum of Bachelor Degree in English or Education (Teaching License preferred), or a subject relevant to academic vacancies with at least two years of full-time teaching experience (with language teaching certificate preferred).
  2. Native or Near-Native levels of proficiency in English.

Employment Benefits:

  1. C & B Package: RMB 14000-50000/month (1,600 – 5,800 per month).
  2. Health insurance provided with no cost to teachers (Vision and Dental excluded).
  3. Yearly round trip airfare from Beijing to your home country.
  4. Relocation fee provided.
  5. Paid summer and winter vacations (30 days paid vacation at Kindergarten) and all Chinese holidays in one school year.
  6. Free accommodation is provided within a five-minute-walk from campus.
  7. Subsidized meals at school cafeteria.
  8. Regular/Annual physical checkup.
  9. Assistance of Work Visa obtainment and renewal.
  10. Free Chinese lessons on campus.
  11. Field trips each semester, holiday gift / allowance, etc.
  12. Ongoing Professional Development Opportunities.

For further information, please contact Claire on +44(0)116 254 6198 or

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