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Premium Guardianship and independent, student-centred educational consultancy

We continue to evolve, with the same open, friendly approach that served students so well over the years.
The relaxed communication and diligence of Ruyang staff, parents, Host Families
and schools form a complete educational care system for international students in the UK.

Guardian Services
gs1A comprehensive Guardian Service, tailored to the specific needs of each student, covering all the main areas that parents are concerned with, ensuring safety, happiness and the best chance of success at school.
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Education Consultancy
edcons1Our Education Consultancy is committed to helping students prepare for study in the United Kingdom, and to choose the right course to suit their educational and career objectives.
» Education Consultancy
edcons1Read testimonials by parents, students and teachers. Current parent references are also available,and our Student Mentors are happy to chat about the benefits of jining the RUYANG family.
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edcons1The FAQ's section is designed to answer some of the many questions that parents have concerning their child's daily life, education and personal development in the United Kingdom.
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Ruyang featured on Taiwanese television

Ruyang featured on Taiwanese television

7 months ago

Bob Evans
Our 'modest little guardian company' has been put centre-stage in Taiwan, with a feature by a popula…

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7 months agoRuyang featured on Taiwanese television

James is made a King's Scholar at Ely!

James is made a King’s Scholar at Ely!

7 months ago

Bob Evans
One of the highest honours at one of the UK's oldest and most presigious boarding schools has be…

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7 months agoJames is made a King’s Scholar at Ely!

Tiffany graduates from Nottingham

Tiffany graduates from Nottingham

7 months ago

Bob Evans
Tiffany Lee has graduated with a BSc in Food Science from Nottingham University.

Like her bro…

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7 months agoTiffany graduates from Nottingham

Joe Lee graduates from Loughborough!

Joe Lee graduates from Loughborough!

7 months ago

Bob Evans
Congratulations to Joe, who graduated with an BSc in Computer Science from

Loughborough U…

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7 months agoJoe Lee graduates from Loughborough!

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1、學校開立之開戶用信函 Bank Letter
2、護照及BRP Card
3. 入學許可信 或是 簽證信

不同銀行有不同的流程 與 開戶模式 (這是機率的問題)

一般是要預約 ,不過根據最近在Birmingham 開戶的學生表示, Barclays 是採排隊制,一天只有十個名額,所以要一早去排隊等銀行開門!!

◎定存(Saving account) 跟活存(current account): 各家銀行有不同的利息,定存標準也不同。以Barclays 為例,Everyday saver 帳戶,是定存的一種,押金是一鎊,隨時可以把錢轉入活存。存款金額在15000英鎊以上,利息就是0.06%。一般建議學生,可以同時持有兩種帳戶,一個定存,一個活存。大筆金額可以存在定存,一般日常使用零花可以存入活存。

注意:現金卡(Debit card)消費扣款,僅能扣活存內的存款,扣不到定存。此外,扣繳設定(Standing order)也是不能設定定存帳戶。這部分要跟同學提醒!



1、Name of Account: ( 戶名 )
2、Account Number: ( 帳號 )
3、Bank( 銀行名稱 )
4、Address: ( 銀行地址 )
5、Sort Code:

◎國際銀行帳戶號碼(The International Bank Account Number),通常簡稱IBAN,是由歐洲銀行標準委員會( European Committee for Banking Standards,簡稱 ECBS)按照其標準制定的一個銀行帳戶號碼。

◎SWIFT 是 Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication 的縮寫,中文名稱為全球環球銀行金融通信學會(或稱環球同業銀行金融電訊協會),該組織是全球金融電文網路的營運者,讓不同金融機構間可進行電文(message)的交換,藉以完成境外的金融交易。

另外也有人稱 SWIFT 為 BIC Code,是 Business Identifier Codes 的縮寫,中文名稱可翻為商業或業務識別碼,指的就是 SWIFT 各銀行成員的國際代碼。SORT CODE是英國的銀行代碼,SWIFT CODE全球通用(BIC code,英國銀行把SWIFT CODE稱作BIC CODE)。其實一般境外匯款有SWIFT CODE就可以了。

預祝大家在英國有美好的開始~~~~ ... See MoreSee Less

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1. NTD$630 30天內有5GB的上網容量,免費撥打英國境內1000分鐘以及無限條簡訊
2. NTD$ 840 30天內網路、撥打英國境內、簡訊全都吃到飽

時間:週一~週日 11:00- 18:00
Tel:+886 (0)223706861
E-mail: ... See MoreSee Less


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Main Contact in Taiwan
For your convenience, our office in Taipei will usually handle your case at the planning and advice stage, when the important decisions are made. It is often easier to speak to someone close by, with no problems with the time difference between you and the UK. With full support from our office in the UK, our counsellors will understand your requests and ideas for your future. They will handle your main application, after talking it over with the UK office, who are always up-to-date on schools and options for you to consider. Once in the UK, many of the duties will be handled by the main office, while the consultants in Taiwan will continue to be the main contacts for the parents. This arrangement works well, because all our staff will be familiar with the situation at all times.
United Kingdom
23 New Walk, Leicester
LE1 6TE, United Kingdom
tel: +44 (0) 116 2546198
mobile: +44 (0) 7834851475
21F-22, No.50, Sec. 1, Zhongxiao W. Rd., Zhongzheng Dist.
Taipei City. 100, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
tel: +886 (0) 2-2370-6861
mobile: +886 (0)937 616078
The Application Process
These quick charts show how easy we make it for you - we have been doing this for a long time, so there's no need to struggle!
Take a look...
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guardianship_application school_application
International Transfer
Flywire-logoBy special arrangement, you can transfer funds for school expenses, pocket money and fees, through the same secure system that is used by schools and universities around the world, at much better exchange rates than banks can offer.
» Secure international transfer
Recent Notes & Events

"Success as a Student" lecture notes - Sat. 15th Nov - pdf pptx

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